Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Where Can I Save on my Grocery Bill?

Having a Paleo influenced lifestyle leads to many substitutions in your cooking; this however, can get pricey. With amazing stores like Whole Foods, and Good Earth ( Marin County) who provide fresh and local produce, and carry brands of odd ingredients you have never heard of, can be a special dieter's dream location. However, I have found that there are several ingredients that I use more often than others, and cost more to buy in smaller portions at your local health food store. With a little net surfing I discovered that Amazon.com can be my kitchen's main pantry supplier. Amazon.com has access to so many different distributors, which allows me to buy my favorite brands and foods in bulk, saving me both time and moolah.

Listed below are a few links to my pantry essentials:

Celtic Salt (1lb.) $9.20

Almond Flour (4lb. bag) $27.91

Arrowroot Powder (1lb.) $9.88

Spirulina Powder (2.2 lb.) $42.99

Maca Powder $18.28

Hemp Protein Shake Mix $18.33

Digestive Enzymes $16.50

Coconut Flour (4.4 lbs.) $19.99

Adobo Seasoning $9.76

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