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My name is Bri, and I began my journey living happily and healthily Primal in April 2011. Just by
changing the way I eat, and think about food, I have overcome pain caused by a car accident, and now live a fulfilled and healthy lifestyle. Here is my story.

{My Story}
      At nineteen I was a victim of a car crash that left my car no longer drivable, and left me with major whip lash. It wasn't until two years later that I was diagnosed with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS), a very painful and incurable syndrome. Before my journey to recovery began, I was dependent on narcotics which only offered temporary relief, and doctors that had no clue what was wrong with me. I spent most of those first two years curled up in fetal position, depressed, with no pain relief in sight. At the time of my accident I was on a career path to becoming a licensed cosmetologist specializing in color, and thought I had my future mapped out, however, I was no longer able to stand for more than a few minutes, and sitting in a car or in a chair caused me more pain than laying down. I was left with acid reflux from the narcotics eating away at my stomach lining, and forced to take a prescription ulcer medication. I was young and helpless, with no hope, and living in pain.

Two years after my accident, I was finally put in touch with a specialist that was able to diagnose my condition. Through physical testing he was able to properly diagnose me, and start me on my road to recovery in physical therapy. Although, therapy was crucial to my recovery, teaching me posture control, and exercises for my condition, I was told that with my condition, I would never be able to hold my own children standing, I would never be able to follow my career goals as a hair stylist, and I probably would never be able to do many sports again. As a previous active person, all these won'ts were devastating. I listened, but I could not stand the thought that the rest of my life would be changed forever because of this traumatic accident. No pain medicine would ever correct the pain my body felt, and I was never going to live out my days as a healthy, and active person.

Several years later I had completed my physical therapy sessions, and I had exchanged my Percocet for Gabapentin ( a neuropathic pain reliever). I was seeing improvements with my neck and back pain, and my strength was returning. Physical therapy taught me  pain management, and helped rebuild my strength, and even my confidence. Although, I was told there were things I would never be able to do, I knew that feeling strong again, there would be away to fight through my condition and overcome my pain.

Two years later, I was introduced to Primal Blueprint by one of my friends who had experienced life changing results from following a Paleo lifestyle. Everything from the way I ate, to the way I thought about food and exercise changed. I had eliminated all Western medicine from my life, and switched to homeopathic remedies, and I no longer needed ulcer medication.I eliminated preservatives and all processed foods, I eliminated wheat, and grains completely, and dairy milk was obsolete. I quickly was on the road to a pain free life. I was able to listen to my body, and learn how certain foods effected my stomach and joints more than others. I learned how to navigate through activities safely with no pain, and for the past seven years I have excitedly taken on a career as the Viva Diva Boutique manager/assistant buyer, and I occasionally color and cut hair on the side with little discomfort. Food has become the fuel to power my machine, and I no longer feel victimized by my accident and pain. I am finally free!

I have been privileged to have my fiance join me on my road to recovery. Through his support, and encouragement, we together have found success through living a  Primal life. We enjoy Paleo foods and meals we prepare together, and although he did not suffer from pain like I did, he has found that he feels stronger, clear headed, and no longer feels dependent on food. I hope my story inspires you to make simple changes in your cooking that can lead to a very yummy and positive outcome, and a healthy life.        

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