Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Breaking Bread Addiction

Breaking Our Bread Addiction

So how do we break our bread addiction?
There is good news! Most people attempting a paleo diet (which is ‘low-carb’, or low-sugar), can indeed regain your ability to burn body fat for energy—and once you’re ingesting enough protein and B vitamins, your serotonin levels won’t be completely dependent on eating sugar. (Eat more meat and eggs.) The relentless sugar cravings slowly dissipate over a couple weeks. You’ll find that not only do you not crave huge piles of empty sugar calories (bread, pasta, potatoes) with meals—as a bonus, you’ll find that it’s suddenly much easier to go without food entirely, because your body is learning how to burn fat again! You’ll be able to skip a meal without feeling like you’re going to die of hunger…and you’ll also discover that being a little bit hungry substantially boosts your mental capacities due to the action of Ghrelin (this is a hunger hormone. Your body secretes it when you haven’t eaten for some time. It makes you hungry, and blood levels plummet once you eat, once you’re no longer distracted by hunger pangs)

Info provided by GNOLLS.org (this website is a wealth of information)

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