Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Fancy Buffalo Burger (for the non fancy cook)

Keep in mind primal eating is subjective, so where some may opt to stay away from cheese entirely, there are some of us who can't stay away. Choose a "raw" cheese when possible, and if bleu cheese doesn't tickle your fancy, mozzarella, Gruyere, and jalapeno jack are great substitutes for this dish.

1 lb. ground buffalo (provided by the butcher is always fresher and tastier)
1/2 lb. crimini mushrooms chopped finely and sauteed until tender (season with salt)
2 shallots or fancy onion finely chopped and sauteed until tender (season with salt)
1/2 c. -1 c. raw bleu cheese (crumble by hand)
salt to taste
pepper to taste
garlic salt or garlic powder to taste

In a bowl mix buffalo meat with salt, garlic powder or garlic salt, and pepper, and then add sauteed muschrooms and shallots to the mix. Gently incorporate the bleu cheese so it is distributed evenly throughout the meat. Form into four burger patties. Heat indoor or outdoor grill pan or grill on medium to high heat. You want a good sear on each side, so cook the first side for about 3-5 minutes before flipping. Flip burger and sear the other side for about 2 additional minutes. Your patties will continue to cook once removed from heat, so don't overdo the cooking process. A little pink is always ok (and tastier, in my opinion).
Garnish with heirloom tomatoes and fresh avocado slices. (Primal eaters don't eat grains, but a homemade piece of almond bread can be enjoyed alongside this burger.)
Happy eating!

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